Hunter S. Thompson
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  Fire in the Nuts  

Hunter S. Thompson

Illustrated by Ralph Steadman

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"The Brain of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson" print by Ralph Steadman

Cloth edition, xii, 52 pp., illustrated (November 2, 2004)
ISBN: 0-9760742-3-0

The first publication of this short story about a struggling young writer written by the author in the late 1950's  when he lived in Greenwich Village, New York City. 

Includes 13 illustrations (11 color) by Ralph Steadman.  Quarter-bound in black Asahi cloth with illustrated front and rear panels with black leather spine label stamped in gold.  All copies signed by both Hunter S. Thompson (full signature) and Ralph Steadman.  Lettered edition housed in custom full black Asahi cloth clamshell box with black leather spine label stamped in gold.  Laid into this edition is an original signed silkscreen print (with hand-applied ink unique to each print) by Ralph Steadman in a printed folder.  The first signed limited edition by both Thompson and Steadman.

Edition: 176 copies (total)
Price: SOLD OUT (26 copy lettered edition in box with print) 
            SOLD OUT (150 copy numbered edition)

Fire In the Nuts at Night
(Commentary by Ralph Steadman)

He came like a thief in the night. Hunter S. Thompson did not want to sign anything. 'People are always asking', he said. 'I'll think about it. I'll come by later', he added. We left it at that and we went back to our loaned cabin along the Woody Creek Road, a kind gesture compliments of Hunter's neighbor and friend, George Stranahan. There was no sign of Hunter by 3:30 am. We decided to go to bed. But I knew Hunter would show up, so I left the pages to be signed on the kitchen table, with a pen. There was commotion and horn honking at about 4am. I knew I was right. Later Hunter told "There was a bear in the road". I turned over and went back to sleep.

I rose at about 7.30am and walked sleepily through to the kitchen. On the table was Polo bag. Inside was half a bottle of Chivas Regal, four boxes of cigars, a Gonzo thong, a gold krugerand and a magnum of a precious red wine, a fine and dignified Cabernet Sauvignon, nothing cheap! which we later shared with Hunter's Lawyer, the Sheriff and friends that very next night. There were a couple of scribbled notes in his distinctive handwriting near by. On one note he had written, 'Dear Ralph- Sorry I got lost in the night- I got a flat tire. Please help me to evaluate this profoundly rare wine. Love H'. On a second sheet he had written a list. 'Ralph- lettered sheets. numbered sheets . What else do you need? Ah yes- books signed, etc. - thank you. Hunter S. Thompson'. Bless him! he was going to do it!!

He had clipped a smaller yellow piece of paper to the others on which he had scrawled, 'You're welcome- the Fruit Fairy'..... because he had stolen our cantaloupe melon.

So the pages had been gathered up and spirited away into the night like a guilty secret. My ole buddy Hunter would deliver, perversely, but he always delivers. A far more interesting signing than your average run-of-the-mill. Thought you would like to know that; it's a double first for a limited edition.

Ralph Steadman,
November 2nd 2004